Monday, June 22, 2009

regarding not picking up items

Just really need to vent about people not picking up orders. Last week we did a large cake (14" for 50 people). Tried and tried repeatedly to reach customer when they failed to pick up the response. Left a message asking her to please call us on monday regarding the cake. Never heard from her. My husband left a "testy" message on her machine, thanking her for wasting our ingredients, time, and money. 5 minutes pass (during which time I am sure she was listening to him leave the message), she calls up and says he should be ashamed of himself..she had an emergency and couldn't pick up the cake but was going to come down to the bakery.

I don't understand people who fill soooooo justified in not paying for an order they have placed..I always want to ask them how they would feel if they showed up for their "special" cake but I had been "too busy" to make it.

Anyone who doesn't like the new policy of deposits on all cakes (even ones ordered over the phone) has mrs. f---man to thank!!!

Unfortunatly these are the customers I remember!!!

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